FCBD® Style Basics and Beyond

with Sandi Ball

at Rhythmix Cultural Works (upstairs theater)

2513 Blanding Ave., Alameda, CA

Wednesdays 7-8:30pm Pacific Time


This in-person Rhythmix class is on hold.

1 class $20

6 classes $105

(save $2.50 per class)

12 classes $180

(save $5 per class)

Classes can be paid online, or in person with cash or check made out to Sandi Ball.  No refunds.


Ongoing Enrollment | Ages 15 & up suggested, but all humans are welcome

Learn the basics of FCBD® Style (formerly ATS®) - our unique belly dance language!  We will (dis)cover posture & body awareness, slow & fast movements, zils (finger cymbals), as well as introductions to lead and follow concepts and group formations for improvisation.  These are drop-in classes, which means you can attend at any time.  The content re-cycles and evolves, so keep coming and enjoy dancing with everyone! 

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start at Week 1 and go through the 6-week cycle, as the material progresses to more complicated steps with each week.  Once you are familiar with the steps in the cycle you can comfortably drop in at any time.  You can keep updated on what cycle we're in on our Facebook page: American Tribal Style Belly Dance® at Rhythmix.


Full skirt or loose pants, hip scarf, short top or choli, or whatever you are comfortable moving in.  Bare feet, socks or dance shoes are best.  Floor is no-gloss hard wood.

Ongoing Class Content:

Week 1

SLOW - Taxeem, Arm Undulations, Floreos, plus variations

FAST - Shimmy, Zils


Week 2

Review previous moves

SLOW - Bodywave, plus variations

FAST - Arabic, Arabic Hiptwist + 1/2 turns


Week 3

Review previous moves

SLOW - Reverse Turn, Propeller Turn, Corkscrew Turn

FAST - Pivot Bump, Choo Choo, Arc Arm Turn

Week 4

Review previous moves

SLOW - Circle Step + turns

FAST - Egyptian + 1/2 turns, Reach & Sit

Formations & Chorus drills

Week 5

Review previous moves

SLOW - Torso Rotation + turns, Ribcage Rotation, Levels

FAST - Double Bump, Single Bump

Formations & Chorus drills


Week 6

Review previous moves

Shimmy Variations - Arabic Shimmy, Turkish Shimmy, Shoulder Shimmy, Ghawazee Shimmy

Formations & Chorus drills


Don't forget to bring your zils!



FatChanceBellyDance® - costuming, zils, videos, music - all things FatChance® Style

Flying Skirts - costuming

Saroyan Mastercrafts - zils & zil accoutrements

shutterbug94549 - photography


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