FCBD® Style - Level 1

Wednesdays, 7-8pm Pacific Time

Hosted on Zoom by Rhythmix Cultural Works (our dance home!) 

Join Sandi for a 6-week series full of basic techniques in FatChance® Style belly dance!  For more info and to register, click on the button!


FCBD® Style - Level 2

Thursdays, 6-7pm Pacific Time (Starting May 7)

via Zoom


Have you taken two or more cycles of Level 1?  Do you feel confident you could lead the basic moves on your own?  Then, it might be time for you to try Level 2!






*By completing the purchase of one or more classes you automatically agree to release liability of Sandi Ball for any injury incurred by taking these online classes.  Please know your limitations and do not exceed them.  


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To use Zoom, you will need a device (mobile, laptop, or desktop) with a camera and a steady internet connection.  You can download an app or use their website to join a meeting.



Continuing our journey of FatChance® Style belly dance technique, the Level 2 online class will add to our basic vocabulary, including variations and more complex steps.

Ongoing Class Content:

Week 1

SLOW - Reverse Taxeem, Levels

FAST - Arabic Shimmy, Reach & Sit


Week 2

SLOW - Torso Twist + turns

FAST - Double Bump, Single Bump


Week 3

SLOW - Circle Step + turns

FAST - Arabic Hiptwist + 1/2 turns

Week 4

SLOW - Camel Walk

FAST - Arc Arm Turn

Week 5

Turkish Shimmy + 1/2 turns, Shoulder Shimmy, Ghawazee Shimmy


Week 6

SLOW - Propeller Turn, Corkscrew Turn

FAST - Up2Down3 w/special zil pattern


Don't forget to have your zils ready!



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